Underwear is the most needed, under-donated item of clothing

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in 2015 we gave 300 pairs of underwear + menstrual hygiene education in haiti. this year, we're headed to south america

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MADI stands for Make a Difference Intimate Apparel.  For every pair of underwear we sell through our for-profit MADI Apparel, a pair is donated to women in domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, rape clinics.  Underwear lands on the most urgent needs list at most all womens' organizations nationwide.  

We set up a 501c3 non-profit subsidiary, MADI Donations, Inc in order to be able to accept charitable contributions from the public after receiving so much feedback from supporters wanting to join in on our mission to donate underwear to women in need!  In order to reach more women with our donations, to spread awareness about the need for underwear/the power it has to make a woman feel loved on road to recovery, we need your help!  To donate to our non-profit, click here.

To buy a pair of underwear for yourself, shop now.  In doing so, a pair will be donated to a woman in need.  "It's not just underwear, it's dignity." 

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